What's Inside The 6-Week Virtual Program?

Explore the benefits of this intensive course for building artistic skill and creative thinking. Suitable for ages 9-14.

  • Virtual Art Lessons

    Gain new knowledge and experiences regarding 2D abstract and representational Art. Plus, learn how to paint and draw from observation, as well as how to create original artwork.

  • Creativity Training

    Students will view several multicultural videos explaining various aspects of creativity. After participating in weekly creativity challenges, students qualify for entry into a competition upon completion of the course.

  • Skill Building

    By the end of this 6-week course, your child will have learned how to apply various elements and principles of art and design through experiential learning. Students will learn how to create handmade journals, produce 90+ original drawings, create fun and vibrant paintings from observation, and much more!

  • Unplug

    Each virtual lesson is downloadable, so your child can disconnect from wifi and have a fun and healthy learning experience.

  • Group Coaching (optional)

    Weekly group coaching is optional and can be provided for the duration of the course to help students make progress through their creative journeys, improve techniques, and gain a sound understanding of the content.

  • Bonus Material

    Enjoy a bonus activity after completing the course, plus get discount rates for special events and new products.

  • Learn at your own pace!

    Join anytime! Progress through the lessons at your own pace and learn at home on your schedule.

Course curriculum

Course content is released on a weekly basis. Below is the schedule for week 1 of this course.

6-Week Course (Coaching Included)

Get all the great benefits of this program with group and one-on-one coaching at one affordable price, while learning from an experienced artist who is active and successful in her field.

6-week Course (No Coaching)

This package includes 8 lessons with 42 modules total and is great for self-paced learning without one-on-one and group coaching. Participants receive a final assessment from the course creator to set them on the path for continued growth and success.

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Grow with a pro!

Learn from a skilled artist, creative entrepreneur and homeschool mom who is active in the visual arts field.

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Course Instructor & Founder

  • Avilda Whittmore-Walker

    Holistic Creativity Specialist & Visual Artist

    Avilda Whittmore-Walker

    Peace, love, and creativity! My name is Avilda and I am a visual artist, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 2. As an entrepreneur, I own and operate an art-based event entertainment company, with experience in face & body painting, art social facilitation, and so much more. I use my love for art and creativity to help others find joy in activating and developing dormant abilities, co-creating a life of fulfillment, exercising self-care, and having FUN!